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Vergil 12.828-842

subrīdeō, subrīdēre, subrīsīto smile
repertor, repertōris (m)discoverer, originator
prōlēs, prōlis (f)progeny, race, stock, children
vērumbut (at the same time), however
age (from agō)come on!
mōs, mōris (m)custom, practice
subsīdō, subsīdere, subsēdīto crouch down, settle; to sink to a lower level, subside, decline
rītus, -ūs (m)rite, ritual
adiciō, adicere, adiēcī, adiectusto add, increase
aequēequally, to the same extent
retorqueō, retorquēre, retorsī, retortusto twist back around; to reverse the course of; to reverse, change, alter

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