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Song of War p. 432 Column 3 Vocabulary

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āmittō, āmittere, āmīsī, āmissus, -a, -umto send away, to lose
amplector, amplectī, amplexus sumto embrace
aperiō, aperīre, aperuī, apertus, -a, -umto open, open up, reveal
appāreō, appārēre, appāruī, appāritūrus, -a, -umto appear
armō, armāre, armāvī, armātus, -a, -umto fit with weapons, arm, equip
arrigō, arrigere, arrexī, arrectus, -a, -umto stand upright, raise
astō, astāre, astitī, ---to stand by/nearby; to stand at/on/in; to stand still
attollō, attollere, ---, ---to raise, lift up, elevate
āvellō, āvellere, āvulsī, āvulsus, -a, -umto pluck off, tear/wrench away; to take away
āvertō, āvertere, āvertī, āversus, -a, -umto turn away, divert
canō, canere, cecinī, cantus, -a, -umto sing, chant; to sing about, clebrate; to prophesy, foretell
cēdō, cēdere, cessī, cessūrus, -a, -umto yield to, give in to
certō, certāre, certāvī, certātus, -a, -umto contend, compete; to contend in battle, fight; to struggle, labor
cingō, cingere, cīnxī, cīnctus, -a, -umto surround, encircle; to gird up one's dress, to gird, equip
circumdō, circumdare, circumdedī, circumdatus, -a, -umto surround
claudō, claudere, clausī, clausus, -a, -umto shut, close; to shut in, enclose
cōgō, cōgere, coēgī, coāctus, -a, -umto compel, force
colligō, colligere, collēgī, collēctus, -a, -umto gather together, collect, pick up
compōnō, compōnere, composuī, compositus, -a, -umto compose
alter, altera, alteruma/the second, one (of two), the other (of two), another
altum, altī n.sea, the deep
āmēnsout of one's mind, insane; excited, frantic
amīcus, amīca, amīcumfriendly, well disposed; favorable, supportive
anima, animae f.soul, heart
Anna, Annae f.Anna (Dido's sister)
antrum, antrī n.cave, cavern
Apollō, Apollinis m.Phoebus Apollo (god of the sun, prophecy)
arbor (arbōs), arboris f.tree
ārdēnsbeing eager for; burning
Argī, Argōrum m.Argives, Greeks
ars, artis f.skill
artus, artūs m.joint; arm, leg, limb
asper, aspera, asperumrough; sharp, thorny; violent, fierce, cruel, savage
aureus, aurea, aureumgolden
auris, auris f.ear
autemhowever, but, moreover
auxilium, auxilī
bonus, bona, bonumgood
caedēs, caedis f.slaughter
Calchās Calchantis m.Calchas (the leading Greek soothsayer in the Trojan War)
campus, campī m.plain, field
carīna, carīnae f.keel, hull; boat, ship
cārus, cāra, cārumdear, beloved
castra, castrōrum n.military camp
celer, celeris, celerequick, swift
centuma hundred
certus, certa, certumcertain, unerring
cervīx, cervīcis f.neck, back of neck
clārus, clāra, clārumbright
collum, collī n.neck
coma, comae

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