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Unit III Part 2 (Attacks on Our Earth) Vocab

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chlorofluorocarbona molecule found in aerosols that destroys ozone molecules
conductiontransfer of heat by two objects touching
convectiontransfer of heat by currents in a liquid or gas
radiationtransfer of heat by energy waves
degreemarkings on the Celsius scale
greenhouse effectphenomenom where certain gases block solar energy from escaping the earth's atmosphere
insolationincoming solar radiation
isothermline on a weather map showing regions with the same temperature
mesospherethe third layer of the atmosphere where temperatures drop
meteorologythe study of weather
normal lapse ratethe change in temperature with elevation (about 1 degree for every 160 meters)
stratospherethe second layer of the atmosphere where temperature rises with elevation
tropospherethe first layer of the atmosphere where temperature drops with eleveation
thermospherethe fourth layer of the atmosphere where temperature rises with elevation
ionospherethe fifth layer of the atmoshpere full of charged particles
temperature inversiona situation where cold air is trapped below warm air on the earh's surface
weatherthe state of the atmosphere at a give place and time
acid rainrain with a lowered pH due to nitous or sulfure oxides from the burning of fossil fuels
cirrus cloudcoud that are thin, feathery or tufted
stratuscolous the are low sheets or layers of clouds.
cumulusclouds that are thick and puffy
nimbusa rain cloud
relative humiditythe amount of moisture in an air mass compared to the maximum it could hold
coriolis effecta bend in the air currents due to earths rotation
lowan area of unstable, moist weather
highan area of stable, dry weather
jet streama very fast moving ribbon of air in the troposphere
land breezea breeze near a body of water that blows from the land to the sea
sea breezea breeze that blows from the sea to the land
cold frontthe leading edge of a mass of cold air
warm frontthe leading edge of a mass of warm air
chinookunusually warm temperatures caused by
El Ninoan unusal reversal in ocean currents causing warming than normal weather
continental climateclimate in the middle of the continent that has cold winters and warm summers
marine climateclimate near large bodies of water with modearte winters and summers
abyssal plainvery deep, flat bottomed part of the ocean
continental risegentle slope between abyssal plain and continetnal slope
continental slopesteep sloping boundary between continental rise and continental shelf
continental shelfgently sloping submerged part of a continent
guyotflat topped seamount
seamounta submerged mountain rising from the ocean floor
upwellingvertical movement of cold water towards the surface

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