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Religion terms--Islam

Review terms related to our study of Islam.

Arabiaa region in Southwest Asia with hot and dry air and limited water
oasisa wet, fertile area in a desert
nomadtraveler; in Arabia, they lived in tents and raised animals
sedentarysettled; in Arabia, some people settled in oases which became towns along trade routes
Muhammada man from Mecca who founded Islam
Meccathe birthplace of Muhammad
Muslimspeople who follow Islam
Qur’anthe holy book of Islam that contains the collected messages that Muhammad received from God
Allah“the God” in Arabic
Medinaa city Muhammad and his followers moved to; “the prophet’s city”
hegirajourney; Muhammad’s departure from Mecca, which marks the first year of the Islamic calendar
mosquebuilding for Muslim prayer
explicitfully revealed without vagueness; for example, the Qur’an specifically tells Muslims how to prepare for worship and that they are not allowed to eat pork or drink alcohol
implicitunderstood though not clearly put into words; for example, the Qur’an implies that slavery should be abolished
jihadthe inner struggle people go through in their effort to obey God and behave according to Islamic ways; it has also been translated to “holy war”
Sunnahrefers to the way Muhammad lived, which provides a model for the duties and the way of life expected of Muslims
Five Pillars of Islamfive acts of worship required of all Muslims
statement of faithone of the Five Pillars of Islam in which Muslims state that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet
Ramadanholy month; Muslims fast during this time
hajja pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims should complete at least once in their lives
Kaabain Mecca, Islam’s most sacred place; it is a structure with a black stone inside it; according to Islamic tradition
ShariahIslamic law based on the Qur’an and the Sunnah as well as human reason
Sunnia branch of Islam that forms the majority of the world’s Muslims
Shiaa branch of Islam; although the smaller branch, countries with large populations of this branch include Iran, Iraq, and Yemen; adherents are called Shi'ites

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