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The Cold War


Cold Warcompetition between USA and U.S.S.R after WWII
superpowersU.S. and Soviet Union
communismgovernment that owns all the business and property
dictatorleader of a communist government
North Korea, China, Cubaexamples of communist countries
Japan, West Germany, South Koreaexamples of democratic countries
democracygovernment where people elect their leaders
iron curtaininvisible line that separates democratic Europe from communist Europe
arms racecompetition between superpowers to get the best/most weapons
idea that if one country became communist, its neighbors would toodomino theory
agreement to stop fightingcease-fire
rocket that can shoot farmissile
conflict that ended in a stalemateKorean War
the beginning of the collapse of communism in EuropeBerlin Wall comes down
conflict that ended in U.S. leavingVietnam War
containmentkeeping communism from spreading
blockadeusing warships to stop missiles from getting to Cuba
conflict that ended in the U.S.S.R. ships turning backCuban Missile Crisis
anti-waragainst the war
collapsefalling apart, end
Soviet Union/ U.S.S.R.communist superpower that eventually collapsed

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