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8th Grade Math SOL Vocabulary, Part One

Geometry Related Vocabulary

Center of RotationThe fixed point that the geometric figure is rotated
Circular ConeA geometric solid whose base is a circle and whose side is a surface composed of line segments connecting points on the base to a fixed point not on the base
Complementary AnglesAny two angles such that the sum of their measures is 900
DilationA transformation of a geometric figure that changes the size of a figure by a scale factor to create a similar figure
Order of OperationsDefines the order in which operations are performed to simplify an expression
PolyhedronA solid figure whose faces are all polygons
PyramidA polyhedron with a base that is a polygon and other faces that are triangles with a common vertex
Pythagorean TheoremUsed to find the measure of any one of the three sides of a right triangle if the measures of the other two sides are known
ReflectionA set of ordered pairs
RotationA turn of a geometric figure around a fixed point
ScattergramsUsed to predict trends and estimate a line of best fit
Supplementary AnglesAny two angles such that the sum of their measures is 1800.
TranslationA slide of a geometric figure in which all the points on the figure move the same distance in the same direction.
Vertical AnglesThe opposite angles formed by two intersecting line; congruent angles

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