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Debate Vocabulary

These activities are for students to practice debate vocabulary terms.

resolutiontopic, question, or proposal that is begin debated--formal subject in dispute
affirmative (aff)team supporting the resolution
negative (neg)team opposing the resolution
constructivespeeches in debate round where arguments are introduced
rebuttalspeeches in a debate round where arguments are summarized
status quocurrent status (or policy) of anything--the way things are now
cross xthe time in a debate round where questions are asked/answered
casecollection of arguments supporting the resolution
flowingtaking notes in debate
argumentan attempt to convince an audience about some idea
assertiona statement that something is so--a claim
reasoningthe because of an argument--the reason why the assertion is valid
evidencethe proof of the reasoning
facta statement that can be proven true or false through ovservaton or reference
opiniona statement that cannot be proven true or false--it may be true for some but not for others
conclusionposition or opinion or judgement reached after consideration
refuteto argue against your opponent's contentions (assertions/claims)
clashwhat happens when arguments directly oppose each other

6th/7th/8th Reading Strategies
Lone Star Middle Schools
Nampa Idaho, ID

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