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Events leading to the Revolutionary War

Fourth grade history

Events that led to the Treaty of ParisThe English soldiers captured Quebec in 1759 and Montreal in 1760.
Stamp ActIt required the colonists to pay taxes for paper documents.
Townshend ActsThey required the colonists to pay taxes on English imports
Stamp Act and Townshend Acts were alike in these waysBoth required the colonists to pay taxes to the English Parliament.
Committees of CorrespondenceA group of men representing each colony, which kept the other colonies informed of important political events
Purpose of the Intolerable ActsIt closed Boston Harbor, no town meetings, and forced the housing of English soldiers.
First Continental CongressA group of colonial delegates from every colony, except Georgia. They met in Philadelphia to oppose the Intolerable Acts.
Events that led to Stamp ActThe English felt that the colonists should pay for costs of the French and Indian War.
Patrick Henry"Give me liberty or give me death"
Thomas Jefferson includes in the Declaration of IndependenceListed ideas for self-government

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