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Science SOL 4.7 Moon and Earth Matching Game

Concentration Game hint open and close a box before picking another and it won't count against you. Change the size with "settings". If the clues get cut off, you can read them just under the game board.

quarter moon
gibbous moon
crescent moon
full moon
new moon
Winter in the northern hemisphere
Summer in the northern hemisphere
The Earth's tiltThis causes the seasons.
Night and dayThe result of the rotation of the Earth.
24 hoursOne complete rotation of the Earth takes____..
RevolutionThe movement of the Earth around the sun.
365 days or one yearThe Earth revolves around the sun in _____.
one month (about 28 days)The moon revolves around the Earth in _____.
The moonEarth's natural satellite (an object that moves around another)
The moon's phasesThe moon's different shapes during the month
a star.A burning sphere of gases.
the sunThe closest star to Earth

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