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Principles of Ecology Vocab

Chp 13 - Principles of Ecology

herbivoreeats only plants
carnivoreeats only animals
omnivoreeats both plants & animals
consumereats other organisms
producermakes its own energy
food webincludes complex feeding relationships
food chainincludes 1 simple feeding relationship
populationsame species in 1 area
communitythe various species in 1 area
ecosystemall living and nonliving things in 1 area
biomeregional or global ecosystems
detritivoreeats dead organic matter
decomposerreturns organic material back to the environment
biodiversitythe variety of living things in an ecosystem
generalisteats many types of food
specialisteats one or very few types of food
bioticliving things in an ecosystem
abioticnonliving things in an ecosystem
keystone speciesa species very important to its ecosystem
ecologythe study of interactions among living things & their surroundings
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