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Final Vocabulary

rogorogare, rogavi, rogatus=to ask
dodare, dedi, datus=to give
stostare, steti, status=to stay, stand
putoputare, putavi, putatus=to think
iubeoiubere, iussi, iussus=to order
maneomanere, mansi, mansurus=to remain
soleosolere, solitus sum=to be accustomed
petopetere, petivi, petitus=to seek
ponoponere, posui, positus=to put, place
relinquorelinquere, reliqui, relictum=to leave
constituoconstituere, constitui, constitutum=to decide
capiocapere, cepi, captus=to capture
accipioaccipere, accepi, acceptus=tp receive, to welcome
iacioiacere, ieci, iactus=to throw
invenioinvenire, inveni, inventus=to find
feroferre, tuli, latus=to carry
fiofieri, factus sum=to be made, to happen, to become
adsumadesse, adfui=to be present

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