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Semester II Exam 2009

United Nationsboth the US and USSR joined this group after WWII
Harry Trumanhe arranged for about $600 million in aid to be sent to postwar Turkey and Greece
NATOthis defensive military alliance was the first military alliance that the US ever entered during peacetime
Marshall Planthis aid package was directed "not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, desperation, and chaos"
Cold Warthis term refers to the indirect but hostile conflict between the US and the USSR that began at the end of WWII
Menachem Beginin 1978, this Israeli prime minister signed the Camp David Accords and agreed to return the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt
Anwar Sadatthis Egyptian president signed the Camp David Accords and reconized Israel as a legitimate state, enraging many Arabs
Fidel Castrohe accepted Soviet aid for Cuba
CubaFidel Castro is the communist dictator of this country
Nikita Khrushchevhe squared off against Kennedy during the Berlin crisis
Tonkin Gulf Resolutionthis granted the US president broad military powers in Vietnam
domino theorythis is based on the idea that countries on the brink of communism were waiting to fall one after the other
Ho Chi Minhhe led the Indochinese Communist Party and fough French, Japanese, and US forces for the independence of Vietnam
Vietcongthis group, formed by Vietnamese Communists and other nationalist groups in 1941, declared its single goal to be independence from foreign rule
Iraqthis nation invaded Kuwait in 1990 which led to Desert Storm
USSRMikhail Gorbachev resigned as the president of this nation
Soviet Unionthis nation was the one most directly affected by the domestic policies known as glasnost and perestroika
napalmto expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts, US planes dropped this gasoline-based bomb that set fire to the jungles of Vietnam
Iron Curtaindescribed the division between communist and capitalist countries
containmentto prevent expansion; hold in place
Cold WarStruggle between Soviets and U.S. for influence in the world
McCarthyisman attack on someone's loyalty without proof
Marshall PlanGave money to European countries to rebuild after WWII
Berlin AirliftPlanes dropped goods into Berlin when blockade was set up by Soviet Union
NATOOrganization with US, Canada & others to help if attacked
Senator Joseph McCarthyAccused many Americans of helping communists with little/no proof
NATOorganization set up to stop the spread of communism
Korean WarNorth Korea (communist) vs. South Korea (non communist); ended in armistice and original borders
Cuban Missle CrisisCastro allowed USSR to use nuclear missle bases in Cuba; US said to remove missles; they were removed
perestroikaopening up of Russia for more free enterprise
GlasnostUSSR is more open/honest with western nations with less restaints on Russian people
Berlin Airliftthe dropping of supplies(by air) into Berlin while the Soviets tried to block-off the city
Berlin Wallbuilt in 1961 to divide soviet controlled E. Berlin from democratic W. Berlin
Iron Curtainhow Churchill described USSR's isolation of Eastern Europe from the rest of the world
Mikhail GorbachevUSSR leader from 1985-91; contributed to the downfall of communism
Cold Warhostility/trouble between US and USSR in the decades following WWII (communist/non-communist nations)
Marshall PlanUS sends $$$ to help re-build Western Europe
NATOorganization set up to stop the spread of communism
Cuban Missle CrisisCastro allowed USSR to use nuclear missle bases in Cuba; US said to remove missles; they were removed
Medicarehealth benefits for the elderly
Medicaidhealth benefits for the poor
KhrushchevSoviet leader who squared off against JFK during the Cuban crisis
Brown v Board of Educationsegregation in schools unconstitutional-overthrew Plessy v. Ferguson
TET Offensivemarked a major shift in American attitudes during the war.
Lyndon B. JohnsonPresident who inherited the Vietnam War & supported its escalation; promoted Great Society
Led to U.S. involvement in WWIIJapanese attack on Pearl Harbor
D-DayCode name for the Allied invasion of Europe
Brown v. Board of EducationSupreme court ruling to get rid of segregation
Baby Boomrapid increase in birth rate in 50s & 60s

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