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Romeo & Juliet, Acts 1 & 2

Strengthen your knowledge of Romeo & Juliet's first act in these fun activities.

Prince Escalushe breaks up the street fight
TybaltHe wanted his sword when he found out Romeo was at the masque
ParisMrs. Capulet's choice for Juliet's husband
MercutioThis friend distracts Romeo with a tale of Queen Mab
Mr. CapuletHe tells Paris that Juliet is too young to wed
Lady MontagueShe is happy that her son wasn't in the street fight
BenvolioRomeo's kind friend
beautyWhat Romeo looks for in women
Friar LaurenceHe agrees to perform the marriage of Romeo & Juliet
NurseShe raised Juliet from when she was an infant
JulietRomeo kills her cousin in a sword fight
RomeoMust prove to the nurse that he really loves Juliet

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