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Chapter 9 & 10 Past tense

To learn past tense of regular -ar/-er/ir

I learnedaprendí
You learnedaprendiste
He learnedél aprendió
She learnedella aprendió
You (formal) learnedusted aprendió
We learnedaprendimos
You (informal plural) learnedaprendisteis
They learnedellos aprendieron
You (formal plural) learnedustedes aprendieron
I boughtcompré
You boughtcompraste
He boughtél compró
She boughtella compró
You (formal) boughtusted compró
We boughtcompramos
You (informal plural) boughtcomprasteis
They boughtellos compraron
You (formal plural) boughtustedes compraron
I livedviví
You livedviviste
He livedél vivió
She livedella vivió
You (formal) livedusted vivió
We livedvivimos
You (informal plural) livedvivisteis
They livedellos vivieron
You (formal plural) livedustedes vivieron

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