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Weekly EOCT List 1

anatomythe study of the physical structure of an organism
antibiotica compound that kills or limits the growth and reproduction of bacteria
anaerobicchemical reactions that do not require the use of oxygen
aerobicchemical reactions that do require the use of oxygen
allelethe different varieties of a gene
active transportmovement of molecules across the cell membrane requiring the use of energy
active sitethe part of the enzyme where the substrate and reacted particle bonds
accuracythe amount of conformity of a measurement to its actual value
abioticnonliving parts of an environment such as light, soil, water and climate
activation energythe amount of energy needed to start a chemical reaction
adenineone of 4 nitrogen bases found in DNA and RNA
amino acidsthe building blocks of proteins
ancestrythe history of an organism's development
anticodon3 adjacent nucleotides in tRNA that bind to a codon in mRNA
analogous structuresparts that serve the same purpose in different species but evolved independently

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