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Ecce Romani Chapter 55C: Caesar vs. Pompey, Continued

Thessalia, -ae (f)Thessaly, a province in northern Greece
Palaeopharsalus, -i (m)(Old) Pharsalus, a town in Thessaly
produco, producere, produxi, productusto lead forward
utrimqueon both sides
copia, -ae (f)abundance, supply; pl: troops
acies, aciei (f)line of battle
pedes, peditis (m)foot soldier, infantryman
eques, equitis (m)horse soldier, cavalryman
cornu, cornus (n)horn, wing (of an army)
sexcenti, -ae, -a600
quingenti, -ae, -a500
Oriens, Orientis (m)the East
auxilia, -orum (n)auxiliary troops
innumerus, -a, -umuncountable, innumerable
praetorius, -i (m)one holding the rank of praetor, an ex-praetor
consularis, -is (m)one holding the rank of consul, an ex-consul
adhucup to this time, still
orbis, orbis (m)circle
orbis terrarumthe world
pugnatum estit was fought (i.e. "they fought")
contentio, contentionis (f)strife, struggle
ad postremumin the end
castra, -orum (n. pl.)camp
diripio, diripere, diripui, direptusto plunder, ransack
Alexandria, -ae (f)Alexandria, capital of Egypt
tutor, tutoris (m)guardian, protector
iuvenalis, -is, -eyoung, youthful
aetas, aetatis (f)age
amicitia, -ae (f)friendship
fundo, fundere, fudi, fususto pour out, shower, shed
intueor, intueri, intuitus sumto gaze at, look upon, contemplate
gener, generi (m)son-in-law
quondamonce, formerly

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