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Ecce Romani Chapter 57B: More of Augustus' Achievements

caedo, caedere, cecidi, caesusto cut down, wipe out, kill
Albis, Albis (m)the Elbe River
fluvius, -i (m)river
summovithe drove off, removed
barbaricus, -a, -umforeign, barbaric
ultra (+ acc)beyond
privignus, -i (m)stepson
sicutjust as
Pannonicus, -a, -umPannonian
Pannonia, -ae (f)region that included what is now Austria and Hungary
transferoto carry over, carry across, transport
ripa, -ae (f)bank (of a river)
colloco, -are, -avi, -atusto locate, settle
signum, -i (n)sign, signal; standard (a military term)
Scythae, -arum (m. pl.)Scythians (a people living in what is now southern Russia)
Indi, -orum (m. pl.)Indians
incognitus, -a, -umunknown
munus, muneris (n)duty, obligation; gift
Galatia, -ae (f)Galatia (a province in central Asia Minor)
propraetor / proconsulgovernor of a province
obsequor, obsequi, obsecutus sum (+ dat)to obey, yield to; to gratify, honor
habitus, -us (m)dress, clothing
togatus, -a, -umwearing a toga
scilicetof course, obviously
divus, -a, -umdivine, deified

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