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Ecce Romani Chapter 58A: Clodius and Milo on the Appian Way

Lanuviumhome town of Milo, southeast of Rome along the Appian Way
municipium, -i (n)town
dictatorchief magistrate, dictator
flamen, flaminis (m)priest
ad flaminem prodendeumfor the purpose of appointing a priest
posterus, -a, -umnext, following
circa (+ acc)around, about
pauloa little
ultra (+ acc)beyond
alloquor, alloqui, allocutus sumto address, speak to
decurio, decurionis (m)town councilman
veho, vehere, vexi, vectusto carry, convey; (passive) to ride
triginta fereabout 30
expeditus, -a, -umlightly-armed
mos, moris (m)custom, habit
iter facientibusfor those making a journey
fladiis cinctiarmed with swords
comes, comitis (m)companion, comrade
eques, equitis (m0knight, member of the equestrian order
plebs, plebis (f)plebeians, common people
L. Cornelius SullaLucius Cornelius Sulla, a military dictator and champion of the Senate
familiaris, -is (m/f)close friend
agmen, agminis (n)column, line
in ultimo agmineat the rear of the column
iens, euntispresent participle of eo, ire
rixa, -ae (f)skirmish
rixam committereto begin a fight

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