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Ecce Romani Chapter 58C: The Burning of the Senate House

perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatusto deliver, bring in
infimus, -a, -umlowest, most vile
luctus, -us (m)mourning
circumsto, circumstare, circumstetito stand around, surround
augeo, augere, auxi, auctusto increase, magnify
invidia, -ae (f)ill-will, hatred
facti invidiamanger at the deed
effusus, -a, -umeffusive, unrestrained
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentusto show, point out
idem, eadem, idemthe same
confluo, confluere, confluxito flow together
vulgus, -i (n)rabble, mob
imperitus, -a, -umignorant
calco, -are, -avi, -atusto trample, crush with the feet
rostra, -orum (n. pl.)rostra (speaker's platform in the Forum--rostra are beaks of ships)
contio, contionis (f)public meeting
competitor, competitoris (m)political rival, fellow candidate
studeo, studere, studui (+ dat)to be eager for, support
scriba, -ae (m)scribe, clerk
cremo, -are, -avi, -atusto burn
subsellium, -i (n)bench
tribunal, tribunalis (n)platform
codicibus librariorumsecretary's ledgers
ignis, ignis (m)fire
flagro, -are, -avito burn, blaze up
itemlikewise, in the same way
Porcia Basilicaa public courthouse built by Marcus Porcius Cato
iungo, iungere, iunxi, iunctusto join, connect
amburo, amburere ambussi, ambustusto scorch, burn

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