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Ecce Romani Chapter 60A: From Cicero to His Family

anima, -ae (f)soul, darling
suavis, -is, -esweet
valeo, valere, valui, valiturusto be well
consilium, -i (n)plan; here: concern
modestewith restraint, under control
recte esseto be all right
in praesentiaat present, for the time being
sinbut if, on the other hand
amens, amentismad, insane, mindless
diripiendamto be plundered (by his soldiers)
vereor ut...possitI am afraid that...will NOT be able
prosum, prodesse, profui (+ dat)to help, benefit
intercludo, intercludere, interclusi, interclususto cut off, shut off
vestri simileslike you
uthow/whether in an indirect question
honesterespectably, with honor
modo utprovided that (+ subjunctive)
bellissimein great comfort
praedium, -i (n)estate, property
fames, famis (f)hunger
ad summamin short
animo fortiof brave spirit, courageous
isticover there

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