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Ecce Romani Chapter 61A: The Battle of Pharsalus (Part 1)

militari moreaccording to the custom of war
cohortor, -ari, -atus sumto exhort, encourage
officia, -orum (n. pl.)services
praedico, -are, -avi, -atusto set forth, relate
imprimisespecially, particularly
commemoro, -are, -avi, -atusto recall, remind
testis, testis (m)witness
abutor, abuti, abusus sumto abuse, misuse
alteruter, alterutra, alterutrumone of two, either
privo, -are, -avi, -ats (+ abl)to deprive of
orationem habereto deliver a speech
exposco, exposcere, expoposcito insist, implore
tuba, -ae (f)war horn, trumpet
evocatus, -i (m)reenlisted or veteran soldier
superior, superiorishigher, previous; earlier (of time)
apud eumunder him
singulari virtuteof remarkable courage
primus pilusspecial unit or centurion who led the javelin attack
manipularis, manipularis (m)member of the same maniple (group of 200), comrade-in-arms
imperator, imperatoris (m)commander, general
quam constitutistis operam dategive the service that you pledged
supersum, superesse, superfuito be left, remain
recupero, -are, -avi, -atusto recover, regain
faciamI will see to it
dexter, dextra, dextrumright (the direction)
cornu, -us (n)horn, wing of an army
procurro, procurrere, procucurri, procursuruto run ahead
electus, -a, -umpicked, select, chosen
circiteraround, about
centuria, -ae (f)century, unit of (normally) 100 men
prosequor, prosequi, prosecutus sumto follow

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