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Ecce Romani Chapter 61C: Caesar's Men Gain the Advantage

instituo, instituere, institui, institutusto set up, arrange
infestisque signisin attack formation, lit: with hostile standards
in (+ person/people)against
converto, convertere, converti, conversusto turn
non solum...sed (etiam)not only...but (also)
excedo, excedere, excessi, excessurusto withdraw, depart
fuga, -ae (f)flight, escape
summoveo, summovere, summovi, summotusto move away, drive off
funditor, funditoris (m)slinger
destituo, destituere, destitui, destitutusto abandon, desert
inermis, -is, -eunarmed
praesidium, -i (n)guard, protection
etiam tumeven then
adorior, adoriri, adortus sumto rise up against, attack

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