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Water……….. Matching Game

Most of your water needs are met bywater & beverages you drink
85-95% water foodscelery, tomatoes, oranges, melons,soups
What does water do in my body?normal temp, lubs & cushions joints, protects spinal cord, rids wastes
We need more water whenhot climate, active, fever, diarrhea & vomiting
T or F We should drink water during and after physical activityTRUE
the most ESSENTIAL ingredient to healthy lifeWATER
causes of dehydrationexcess sweating, drinking only when thirsty, exercising dry, hot weather & not replacing lost fluids
hyponatremia (water intoxication)drinking too much water
2 methods to estimate adequate water hydrationmonitor urine output/color & weighing before/after exercise
Dark, concentrated urinesign of dehydration
Exercise in coldimpairs ability to recognize fluid loss; lose > fluids thru respiration

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