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Sarah, Plain and Tall

Vocabulary words for the story "Sarah, Plain and Tall" from Open Court 4th Grade

hundredthone of 100 equal parts of something
troublesomecausing problems or difficulties
feistyfull of energy
energetichaving energy; spirited
mild manneredgentle in nature
peeringlooking curiously or carefully
homelynot attractive or good looking
crackledto make small sharp sudden repeated noises
prairiea large area of level or rolling grassland
murmuredto say in a voice too low to be heard clearly
opiniona judgment about a person or thing
floundera type of fish
shinglesa covering for the roof or sides of a building
pitchforka fork with a long handle used especially in pitching hay
suspendersstraps worn over the shoulders to support trousers
bonnetA hat of cloth or straw, held in place by ribbons tied under the chin, that is worn by women and children.
gophershort-tailed, burrowing rodent
windmillA machine that runs on the energy generated by a wheel of adjustable blades or slats rotated by the wind

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