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CH 13 Vocab

vocab chapter 13 Traupman's Lingua Latina

cepithe/she/it captured/seized
comiles, commilitis, mfellow soldier
corona, ae, fcrown
damuswe give
dedithe/she/it gave
laus, laudis fpraise
placere (+dat)to please
pugnaviI fought
timeoI fear
vulneraveruntthey wounded
dathe/she/it gives
inimicus, a, umhostile
mandata, orum n plInstructions
meus, a, ummy
tuus, a, umyour
suus, a, umhis/her/its and their
noster, nostra, umour
vester, vestra, umyour (pl)
caput, capitis, ncapiital, head, chief
culpathe/she/it blames
fundathe/she/it founds
multamany (things)
nocet (+dat)he/she/it hurts, harms
per seby himself, herself
servathe/she it saves, serves
expellithe/she/it expels
perfugithe/she/it takes refuge
auxilium, i nhelp
petithe/she/it asks for, searches for
adducithe/she/it leads
unus, a, umone
pons, pontis, mbridge
solus, a, umonly, alone
hic haec hocthis
transireto cross
forteby chance
statio, stationis, fguard post, station
poniturhe/she/it is stationed, placed
cognomen, inisfamily name
clamathe/she/it shouts
constituuntthey decided
quam celerrimeas quickly as possible
destruiteDestroy! (You pl)
pugnabimuswe will fight
remanebimuswe will stay behind
diu et acriterlong and hard
iussuat the order of, by order
tutus, a, umsafe
ripa, ae, friver bank
fragor, fragoris, mcrash
ruptus, a, umbroken
audithe/she/it hears
incolumis, is, eunharmed
transnathe/she/it swims across

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