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Skimming an Oil Slick

In this word search you need to find 20 words that have to do with skimming an oil slick. The catch is the only clue of have is the description of the word.

BOOMA floating device used to hold an oilslick together
CORRODETo eat away or be eaten away by chemical action
CHEMICAL ACTIONPouring chemicals in the oil slick
CRUDE OILLiquid mixture of different hydrocarbons. Formed over a long period of time.
SKIMMERA boat that is designed to remove oil from a water mass.
SLICKOil that is spilled on a water mass that creates a thin oil on the top of a body of water. It can grow very big if it isn't cleaned up.
EVAPORATETo turn to vapor from a solid or liquid form.
HERDERSA method of keeping oil from spreading.
VACUUMA method of cleaning up an oil spill. A large tube sucks the oil up and it goes into a tank.
WEIR SKIMMERA type of skimmer that it use to stop an oil slick. It has high sides so that it can stop the slick and a hollow container can trap the oil.
FLOATING DISKRound containers that are put through an oil slick. The oil is trapped on the surface of it and then it can be disposed of.
ROPE SKIMMERA type of skimmer. The rope is passed through the oil slick. The oil penetrates the rope and collects inside of it.
CONTAIN AND REMOVEThe process of putting a boom around the oil slick and then having skimmers skim it out.
TIDEA wave and that can make skimming impossible.
SUPERSKIMMERA boat used to clean up spills that is able to contain 55,000 gallons of oil. They cost $5 million.
OIL RECOVERY SHIPSA new type of ship that can have very powerful vacuums to suck up the oil.
MOUSSEThis is brown goo that skimmers are not able to clean up.
PADDLE BELT SKIMMERA type of skimmer. It is a type of contraption that uses paddles to lift the oil up and them dump it in a big tank.
TANKERIs a ship that skimmers pump oil into and then the tanker take it to an oil refinery and it gets cleaned and reused.

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