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Invertebrate Phyla Review - AP Biology

Characteristics of invertebrates, review of vocabulary, phyla, and classes associated with invertebrates

phylum lacking true tissuesPorifera
phylum with radial symmetry, diplobasticCnidaria
phylum that is acoelomate, bilateral symmetry,& triploblasticPlatyhelminthes
phylum that is pseudocoelomate, aquatic, & the smallest animalsRotifera
phylum that is pseudocoelomate, cylindrical, with only longitundinal musclesNematoda
phylum that is coelomate, has a mantle, musclular "foot", and visceral massMollusca
phylum that is coelomate, segmented, with cerebral gangliaAnnelida
phylum that is coelomate, segmented, jointed appendages, with exoskeletonArthropoda
phylum that is a simple deuterostome with radial symmetry and a water vascular systemEchinodermata
germ layer that forms the outer surface and nervous systemectoderm
innermost germ layer forms the linings of the gutendoderm
middle layer of triploblastic animalsmesoderm
no body cavities except for the digestive tractacoelomate
fluid filled body cavity completely lined with mesodermcoelomate
collar cell has a flagellum to move waterchoanocyte
wandering cell in a sponge, ingests, digests, and distributes nutrientsamoebocyte
flexible skeletal fibers in spongesspongin
sharp, calcium carbonate or silica structures in spongesspicules
contained in stinging cells of cnidariansnematocysts
bell-shaped floating form of cnidariansmedusa
cylindrical form of cnidarians that are sessilepolyp
specialized excretory cell in flatwormsflame cell
specialized mouth of a flatworm that attaches to the hostscolex
tissue that secretes the shell in mollusksmantle
rasping, scrasping tongue of mollusksradula
main component in the arthropod skeletonchitin
respiratory apparatus of arachnidsbook lungs
respiratory organ found in crustaceansgills
respiratory system found in insectstracheal system
highly vascularized paddles used for locomotion and gas exchange in polychaetesparapodia
mollusk with two shells, filter feederBivalvia
stomach footed molluscan, snails and slugsGastropoda
head footed molluscan, squids and octopiCephalopoda
arthropods with 8 legs, chelicerae, and cephalothoraxArachnida
6 legs, three distinct body regionsInsecta
worm-like arthropods with 2 pair legs per segmentDiplopoda
class that includes lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crayfishCrustcea
one pair of legs per segment with poison claws tipping the endsChilopoda
structures that produce the strongest fibers known to manspinnerets
class for leechesHirudinea

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