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DA lesson 12

accusecharge with being or doing something bad
arrestseize by authority of the law/ catch or hold
capturemake a prisoner of; take by force / attract and hold
courtspace partly or wholly enclosed by walls or buildings / assembly of people who administer justice
equalthe same amount size, value, or rank
freedombeing free / liberty or power to do, say, or think as one pleases
jailprison, especially for those awaiting trial
nervouseasily excited or upset
prisona public building in which criminals are confined
prisonera person who is under arrest or held in jail or prison / a person who is held unwillingly
quarrelan angry dispute; fight with words
shoulderpart of the body to which an arm, leg or wing is attached / bear a burden or blame
fista tightly closed hand
shovepush; move forward and along by force from behind
stealtake something that does not belong to one / advancing to another base in basesbalol as the pitcher throws the ball to the catcher
surrendergive up; give oneself up; yield
suspectimagine to be so; think likely / person suspected to be guilty of something
threatenmake a threat against / be a cause of evil or harm to
waistpart of the body between the ribs and the arms
wristthe joint connecting hand to arm

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