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Cold War

key terms

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization; western democratic nations join together against Communism
containment doctrinehow President Truman planned to prevent the spread of Communism
Marshall planwhen Truman offered economic aid to the democratic countries of wetsern Europe
Cold Warwar between Russia and America to determine who would be mopre powerful after World War II
Nuclear Arms Racecompetition forr military advantage
Berlin walldivided Germany into East and West Germany
Soviet UnionRussian and her allies(countries of eastern Europe who were conquered by Russia).
Cuban missile crisiscontroversy over Russian based missiles in Cuba
U.S.S.R.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; another name for the Soviet Union
Mikhail Gorbachevbrought an end to the Sovietu Union and redormed his nation economically by creating the policies perestroika and glastnost

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