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Lesson 24 Greek & Latin - study tools

dox, dogopinion, teaching
ger, gerontold age, old people
idione's own, peculiar
pha(n)to show, to appear
technart, skill, craft
technicalitysomething meaningful or relevant only to a specialist
biblea book considered authoritative in its field
hippodromea stadium with an oval track used for horse and chariot races
zoophytesanimals that attach to surfaces, having the appearance of plants
geriatricsmedical study of the biological process and the treatment of aging
phantasmagoriaa shifting in the succession of things seen or imagined
ectopicoccurring or originating in an abnormal place
dogmaticthe expression of beliefs in an authoritative, arrogant way
idiocygreat foolishness or stupidity
gastronomythe art or science of good eating
cacodylliquid comound that undergoes spontaneous combustion in dry air
toxemiaa condition in which the blood contains toxins
geronticof or relating to old age
utopiaa place of ideal perfection
zoologyscience that deals with animals
idioman expression in the usage of a language whose meaning cannot be
idiosyncracycharacteristic peculiarity of habit or structure

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