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Anatomy: Body Regions, Planes & Directions

Review terms used to refer to an area of the body

medialtoward the middle of the structure or entire body
lateraltowards the side of the structure or entire body
superiortowards the top
transverse planecuts the body into superior and inferior portions; runs horizontal
sagittal planecuts the structure into right and left portions; runs vertically
frontal planecuts the structure into anterior & posterior portions; runs side to side
oblique planecuts the structure at an angle
para-prefix used when a plane cuts a structure into unequal parts
mid-prefix used when a plane cuts a structure into equal parts
ventraltowards the front
dorsaltowards the back
mediastinumregion of the thoracic cavity between the lungs; runs dorsal to ventral
mediastinumcavity that contains the trachea, esophagus, heart, thymus gland
pleural cavityholds the lungs
parietallines the cavity in which an organ sets
visceracollective term for all abdominal organs
peritoneumlining of the abdominal cavity
visceralcovering of an organ
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