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Spanish IV Ch. 1 Verbs

Match the verb with the correct conjugation

they are worthvalen
I seeveo
they seeven
we translatetraducimos
I know
we are going outsalimos
I reducereduzco
I drive, conduct, leadconduzco
I opposeme opongo a
it seemsparece
I say, telldigo
she hastiene
I hearoigo
they hearoyen
it containscontiene
venimoswe are coming
they stop, detaindetienen
we hate, loatheaborecemos
I am unfamiliar with, don't knowdesconozco
they stay, remainpermanecen
it belongspertenece
they deservemerecen
I shudderme estremezco
they growcrecen
I am lacking, missingcarezco
I thankagradezco
I am fallingcaigo
they fitcaben
I fitquepo
I am undoingdeshago

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