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Map and Globe Skills

terms related to the study of maps and globes

geographythe study of the earth, the people on it, and the relationships between them
hemisphereone half of the Earth
equatorimaginary line one half way between the North and South Poles
projectionway of showing the round earth on a flat paper
political mapshows man-made features like cities and boundaries
symbolsused on mape to represent something on the Earth
legendexplains the symbols used on a map
keyanother name for a legend
elevationheight above sea level
sea levelthe surface of the oceans
highlandsareas that stand higher than the surrounding areas
lowlandsareas that are lower than the surrounding areas
reliefdifference between the highest and lowest points of land in an area
high relieffrequent, sizeable drops and rises in the land surface
low reliefland rises or falls only slightly
cardinal directionsnorth, south, east, west
direction arrowindicates the location of north on a map
compass roseshows the cardinal plus the intermediate directions
intermediate directionsnorthwest, northeast, southeast, southwest
scaleline on a map that tells the actual distance on the earth
gridpattern of regular sections identified by numbers and letters
global gridlatitude and longitude lines
parallels of latitudetell distance north or south of the Equator
meridians of longitudetell distance east or west of the Prime Meridian
degreesunits of measurement for latitude and longitude
prime meridian0 degrees longitude
equator0 degrees latitude

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