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The Sensory System-Eyes

iriscontrols light into eye
ciliary muscleproduces aqueous humor
aqueous humorfound in anterior chamber
lenslies behind iris, refracts light
scleraouter layer, white of eye
corneatransparent center of sclera
choroidmiddle layer, rich blood supply, lens & iris part of this
retinainner layer, delicate, rods/cones
rodsblack/white vision
conescolor vision
fovea centralissharpest vision
optic discno rods/cones, blind spot, optic nerve attaches
canal of Schlemmaqueous humor reabsorbed here
vitreous humorfound in posterior chamber, can't replace
refractive structures of eyecornea, aqueous humor, lens, vitreous humor
refractionbending of light

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