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Number Words

centenariansomeone 100 years old
bicentennial200th anniversary
centennial100th anniversary
trilogya series of three
sexagenarianperson in his or her sixties
trebleto triple something
decathlontrack and field competition involving ten events
tercentennial300th anniversary
bisectdivide into two equal parts
fathomsix feet of water
millennium1000 years
decimateto destroy 10% of a population
bracetwo of the same thing; a pair
octogenarianperson in his or her eighties
pentagona five-sided figure
titheto give away 10% of one's income
quadrupeda four-footed animal
decapoda ten-footed creature
fortnighttwo weeks
septuagenarianperson in his or her seventies
decadeten years
dueta musical performance by two people
sesquicentennial150th anniversary
tripletsthree babies born to the same mother at the same time
baker's dozenthirteen
quadrennialoccurring every four years
triumviratea ruling body of three parts
bilingualspeaking two languages
nonagenarianperson in his or her nineties
century100 years
pentagramfive-pointed star
quadragenarianperson in his or her forties
quintupletsfive babies born to the same mother at the same time
tridenta three-pronged spear
centurionRoman soldier in charge of 100 men
trisectdivide into three equal parts
quarteta group of four, often singers
hexagona six-sided figure
tricyclea vehicle with three wheels
bicyclea vehicle with two wheels
unicyclea vehicle with only one wheel
triathlonathletic contest made up of three different events
pluralityvictor's margin of victory when no candidate has a majority
dichotomysplit into two parts
monocleeyeglass for one eye
monopolycontrol of something by one individual or organization
monophobiafear of being alone
unisonsung with one voice
monogamyhaving one spouse
monolithone large stone or monument
monarchone king or ruler
monomaniaobsession with one thing
monogramsingle letter or combination of letters to stand for a name
monotheismbelief in one god
monochromatichaving one color or shade
monologuelengthy speech given by one person
unicornmythical creature with one horn
monosyllabicusing words of only one syllable
dialoguea conversation between two people
duelcombat between two parties
duplicitydouble-dealing or trickery
bipeda two-footed creature
bicuspida two-pointed tooth in the side of the jaw
centipedeinsect with "100 legs"
millipedeinsect with "1000 legs"
Decaloguethe Ten Commandments
quadrilateralfour-sided figure
decagonten-sided figure
quartone quarter of a gallon

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