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Animal Farm Vocabulary

Party down with these exciting new vocabulary words.

ensconcedsettled comfortably
laboriousrequiring much work
vivaciouslively, animated
apathylack of interest, indifferent
acutesharp, intense
parasiticalliving on others without any useful return
crypticsecret, mysterious
tractableeasily managed, controlled
ignominiousdisgraceful, shameful
impromptudone without preparation
canvassto go asking for votes
procuredobtained through care or effort
eloquencepower to win by speaking
articulateto put thoughts into words easily and clearly
malignitymalice, extreme hatred
capitulatesurrender on certain terms
countenanceexpressions of the face
retinuea group of attendants or servants
conciliatorysoothe, reconcile
demeanorway a person looks and acts
morosegloomy, sullen
taciturnspeaking very little
filialof a son or daughter
eminentoutstanding, distinguishing

Meg Schneider

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