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Apologia Biology - Module 2: Kingdom Monera (2nd edition)

Vocabulary from Module 2, from Apologia Educational Ministries' High School Biology Course Exploring Creation With Biology, by Dr. Jay Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell (2nd edition).


There is also a crossword puzzle for this module at:

PathogenAn organism that causes disease
SaprophyteAn organism that feeds on dead matter
ParasiteAn organism that feeds on a living host
Aerobic organismAn organism that requires oxygen
Anaerobic organismAn organism that does not require oxygen
Steady stateA state in which members of a population die as quickly as new members are born
Exponential growthPopulation growth that is unhindered because of the abundance of resources for an ever-increasing population
Logistic growthPopulation growth that is controlled by limited resources
ConjugationA temporary union of two organisms for the purpose of DNA transfer
PlasmidA small, circular section of extra DNA that confers one or more traits to a bacterium and can be reproduced separately from the main bacterial genetic code
TransformationThe transfer of a DNA segment from a nonfunctional donor cell to that of a functional recipient cell
TransductionThe process in which infection by a virus results in DNA being transferred from one bacterium to another
EndosporeThe DNA and other essential parts of a bacterium coated with several hard layers
StrainsOrganisms from the same species that have markedly different traits

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