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enviro chapt 1

Igneous RockCooling molten rocks
Sedimentary rockMade from weathered rock
Metamorphic RockGreat heat and pressure
AtmosphereThe gaseous envelope surrounding the earth
AquiferA rock layer or sediment layer that allow water to flow through it
Artesian wellA groundwater well that is pressurized
GeosphereSolid parts of Earth
HydrosphereAll Earths water
Surface WaterWater collecting on the ground or in a stream, river, lake, sea or ocean, as opposed to groundwater
Ground WaterWater beneath the earth's surface, often between saturated soil and rock, that supplies wells and springs
ThermosphereThe outermost shell of the atmosphere, between the mesosphere and outer space, where temperatures increase steadily with altitude.
ExosphereThe outermost layer of the earth's atmosphere, lying above the thermosphere and extending thousands of kilometers into space, from which molecules having sufficient velocity can escape the earth's gravitation.
IonosphereA region of the earth's atmosphere where ionization caused by incoming solar radiation affects the transmission of radio waves. It extends from a height of 70 kilometers (43 miles) to 400 kilometers (250 miles) above the surface.
AurorasA luminous atmospheric phenomenon appearing as streamers or bands of light sometimes visible in the night sky in northern or southern regions of the earth. It is thought to be caused by charged particles from the sun entering the earth's magnetic field and stimulating molecules in the atmosphere
MesosphereThe portion of the atmosphere from about 30 to 80 kilometers (20 to 50 miles) above the earth's surface, characterized by temperatures that decrease from 10°C to -90°C (50°F to -130°F) with increasing altitude
StratosphereThe region of the atmosphere above the troposphere and below the mesosphere
TroposphereThe lowest region of the atmosphere between the earth's surface and the tropopause, characterized by decreasing temperature with increasing altitude
Ozoneatmospheric oxygen by electric discharge or exposure to ultraviolet radiation, also produced in the lower atmosphere by the photochemical reaction of certain pollutants. It is a highly reactive oxidizing agent used to deodorize air, purify water, and treat industrial wastes
OrganismAn individual form of life, such as a plant, animal, bacterium, protist, or fungus; a body made up of organs, organelles, or other parts that work together to carry on the various processes of life
BiosphereThe part of the earth and its atmosphere in which living organisms exist or that is capable of supporting life

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