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Kinds of Clouds

cumulusLarge piles of white clouds. They appear during fair weather.
startocumulusGray layers of cumulus clouds that may cover the whole sky. They usually do not bring rain.
cumulonimbusDark towering clouds. Thunderclouds
stratusThick, low sheetlike clouds that cover the sky and are a sign of rainy weather.
nimbostratusSheets of gray, dark clouds that bring falling rain or snow.
altocumulusRounded heaps of white or grayish clouds. They may bring rain.
altostratusGrayish-white sheets of clouds--sky looks watery. Usually no rain or snow.
cirrusThin, wispy clouds. Can be a sign that the weather will change.
cirrocumulusRippling rows of white fleecy clouds--sign that a storm is approaching.
cirrostratus"See-through" clouds

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