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Huck Finn

dismalgloomy; depressing
notiontheory; belief
raspyharsh; grating
seedyshabby; run-down
skiffsmall boat; flat-bottomed rowboat
thrashto strike; to beat
Miss Watson's sisterWidow Douglas
ironythe contrast between what appears to be true and is actually true,
satireis a kind of literature that tries to open people’s eyes to the need for change by exposing the flaws
Satirists’ main weapon ishumor
blackguardto insult
check or money orderdraft
lower part of a roofeaves
easily excitedflighty
hewto cut
impudentsassy; impolite
rowfuss; argument
singularunusual; curious
sultryexceedingly hot
What is the source of the fortune that Judge Thatcher is keeping in trust for Huck?A robber’s stash that Huck and Tom found in a cave
At the end of the novel, which character informs the others that Jim is actually a free man?Tom
Which of the following symbolizes bad luck to Huck and Jim?A shed snakeskin
Which Wilks sister is initially suspicious of Huck?Joanna
How does Huck know that Pap has returned to St. Petersburg?He sees Pap’s boot print in the snow
What is the name of the wrecked steamboat on which Huck and Jim encounter the robbers?The Walter Scott
What is Jim’s initial destination when he and Huck start downriver?The Ohio River
Where does Huck hide the Wilks family gold?In Peter Wilks’s coffin
Down which river do Huck and Jim travel?The Mississippi
What event sets off the final gunfight between the Shepherdsons and the Grangerfords?Sophia Grangerford’s elopement with a Shepherdson
How do Huck and Jim initially acquire the raft?They find it during a flood.
What does the “witch pie” that Huck and Tom bake for Jim contain?A rope ladder
How do the duke and the dauphin dress Jim so that he can stay on the raft without being tied up?As a sick Arab
What is the name of the town where Huck, Jim, and Tom live at the novel’s opening?St. Petersburg
Why does Jim run away from Miss Watson’s?She is planning to sell him, which would separate him from his family.
What charm does Jim wear around his neck that he says cures sickness?A five-cent piece
Temperance” refers to the movement designed to abolish what?alcohol
What kind of animal does Huck kill as part of the plot to fake his own death?pig
Who finally tells Huck that Pap is dead?Jim
Who gets shot in Jim’s final “escape”?Tom
Where does Huck go after Sherburn disperses the lynch mob?to the circus
What is Mark Twain’s real name?Samuel Clemens
How does Tom travel to the Phelps farm?By steamboat
Where does Huck intend to go at the novel’s end?The West
Huck sees some track in the snow and knows that his father is back in town. He asks Jim to consult a magic trinket to find out what Pap would do and what Huck should do. What trinket does Jim consult?a hair ball
Why did Pap come looking for Huck?He heard Huck had money and he wanted to get his hands on it.
Jim and Huck were heading for Cairo, a city at the southern tip of Illinois, so they could get on the Ohio River and head up through the free states. Why didn't they ever get there?They passed Cairo in the thick fog.
When Huck got to the Phelps' farm to try and get Jim back, Mrs Phelps mistook him for another young man who was supposed to be paying a visit. Who did she think Huck was?Tom
What secret did Tom keep from Huck and Jim duringJim was already a free man.
Huck went to stay with whom while still in Missouri?Widow Douglas
Boggs usually came to town for what?monthly drinking day
Whose was the body in the house floating down the river?Pap
What is the name of the play that the Duke, King, and Huck put on while trying to raise money?Shakespearean Revival.
What do Huck and Jim plan to do once they reach Cairo, Illinois?"borrow" things from the townspeople.
How did the raft get destroyed?hit by a ferry boat
With whom did Sophia Grangerford run off with?Harney Shepherdson
Hucks pretend name as the British brother of peter WilksAdolphus
Tom's aunt. She shows up at the end of the play to see what tricks Tom has been playingAunt Polly
member of Toms robber bandBen Rogers
Drunk man who insults Col. Sherburn and is later killed by himBoggs
Youngest Grangeford son. Friend of Huck who is killed in the feudBuck Grangeford
rallys mob to kill Col. Sherburn after Sherburn kills BoggsBuck Harkness
Invites Huck to live with his family. He is killed in a feudCol. Grangeford
The only man who recognizes that the king and Duke are fraudsDoctor Robinson
Grangeford daughter who passes away before Huck's arrivalEmmeline Grangeford
Fake name that huck uses when living with the GrangefordsGeorge Jackson
runs away with Miss Sophia GrangefordHarney Shepardson
British brother whom king impersonates until the real Wilks arrivesHarvey Wilks
a run away slave who accompanies Huck down the Mississippi RiverJim
one of the robbers on the shipwrecked steamboatJim Turner
Youngest daughter of George Wilks. She has a harelip.Joanna Wilks
A member of Tom's robber bandJoe Harper
Fights to protect Hucks money from papJudge Thatcher
Lawyer who tries to get the Wilks fortuneLevi Bell
The British brother of Peter Wilks whom the Duke impersonates until the real one arrivesWilliam Wilks
Eldest Wilks daughter. She has red hair. She is convince that the King is her uncle until Huck tells her the truth. Huck is in love with her.Mary Jane Wilks
Daughter of Col. Grangeford who runs off w/ Harney Shepardson restarting the feudMiss Sophia Grangeford
Sister of the Widow Douglas. Tries to teach Huck to read and writeMiss Watson
Huck visits her to gather news while pretending to be a girlMrs. Judith Loftus
Hucks abusive, alcoholic, broke father who returns to claim custody of Huck. He is the reason Huck runs awayPap
the dead man whose brother the King impersonatesPeter Wilks
Fake name of the king when addressing Tim CollinsRev. Elexander Blodgett
Tom Sawyers aunt. She is married to Silas and mistakes Huck for TomSally Phelps
Tom Sawyers uncle, and the farmer who purchases Jim from the King for $40Silas Phelps
Tom's younger brotherSid Sawyer
Second eldest daughter of WilksSusan Wilks
Con man who invents the royale NonesuchThe Duke
The older of the two con men who Huck is forced to travel withThe King
young man who tells Wilks whole story to KingTim Collins
The eldest son of the Grangeford familyTom Grangeford
Hucks best friend who loves make believeTom Sawyer
takes Huck in and tries to civilize himWidow Douglas
The most prominent representative of the hypocritical religious and ethical values.Miss Watson
The protagonist and narrator of the novel. Influenced by others.Huck
Tom Sawyer's aunt and uncle, whom Huck coincidentally encounters in his search for Jim after the con men have sold him.Silas and Sally Phelps

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