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Cosm - Ch 05 - Bacteriology

23 pairs of vocabulary

bacteriagerms or microbes
ciliamany hairs around bacteria that help it move
flagellatail-like hair that help bacteria move
non-pathogenichelpful bacteria
pathogenicdisease-causing bacteria
parasitean organism that lives off another organisam
shape of cocciround
shape of baccillirod
shape of spirillaspiral
staphcocci bacteria that grows in clusters like grapes
diplococcicocci bacteria that grows in pairs
strepcocci bacteria that grows in a string of beads
coccimost common type of bacteria
coccibacteria with no mobility
staphcocci bacteria that produces pustules and boils
causes pneumoniadiplococci
causes lockjawbacilli
causes strep and blood poisoningstreptococci
causes syphillis and lyme diseasespirilla
vegetative or activestage when bacteria grow and reproduce
spore-forming or inactivestage when bacteria sleep and float around
local infectioninfection found in one spot
general infectioninfection found in blood stream

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