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Civil War Reveiw

reveiw of people and happinings in the Civil War

Bleeding Kansasnickname for area of Kansas after the Pottowatomie Creek Massacre
Pottowatomie Creek Massacrewhen John Brown murdered 5 men that lived in Pottowatomie Creek
Knsas Nebraska Actdivided the are and let each section decide whether or not they wanted to be free or slave state
Illegal Voterswhat was wrong with the electin in Kansas
4 southern social classescoonocracy, small farmers, poor whites, free blacks
Goal of the American Colonization Societyend slavery by setting up a colony in Liberia
One slave lawcouldn't aather in groups of more than three
another slave lawcouldn't leave owners land without owner's written permission
a different slave lawnot allowed to own guns
ANother slave lawcouldn't learn to read or write
what the slave laws were supposed to domake slave life harder
William Lloyd Garrisonstarted the Liborator Newspaper
Underground Railroadnetwork of abolitioniss that aided the slaves to freedom
started the Underground Railroadabolitionists
The two points of the Missouri Compromise1 Maine dmitted as free state 2 draw line across Louisiana Territory; north free; south slave
Abolitionistspeople against slavery

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