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Connective Tissue

All connective tissue has these 3 componentsCells, Fibers, and Ground Substance
What are the 3 basic fiber types seen in connective tissue proper?Collagenous (white), Reticular, and Elastic (yellow)
Contains all 3 types of fibersAreolar
Reinforced mostly with collagenous fibersFibrocartilage, dense regular, and dense irregular
Cells are contained in lacunaeBone and Cartilage (elastic, fibro, hyaline)
Cells have large fat vacuolesAdipose
Contain mast cellsAreolar
Nonyielding supporting tissueBone
Devoid of blood supplyCartilage (elastic, fibro, hyaline)
Contains macrophagesAreolar
Most flexible of supporting tissuesElastic cartilage
Converted to bone during growing yearsHyaline cartilage
Matrix impregnated with calcium and phosphorous saltsBone
Toughest ordinary tissueDense Regular
Cells have signet ring - like appearanceAdipose
Reinforced with mostly yellow fibersElastic cartilage
Has smooth, glassy appearanceHyaline cartilage
Found in deep to the epitheliumAreolar tissue
Found in stored body fat and cushion various organsAdipose tissue
Found as a fine framework for organs and lymph nodesReticular tissue
Found in tendons and ligamentsDense Regular tissue
Found in the dermis of the skinDense Irregular tissue
Found in the outer earElastic Cartilage
Found in the symphysis pubis and intervertebral discsFibrocartilage
Found in the fetal skeleton and the articular surfaces of long bonesHyaline Cartilage
A connective tissue with a fluid matrixBlood
The fiber and matrix producing cells of connective tissue properFibroblasts
The cell type seen in cartilageChondrocytes
The cell type seen on boneOsteocytes

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