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Vocabulary words for middle school students dealing with "energy".

potential energyenergy stored in an object due to its position
kinetic energyenergy an object has due to its mass and motion
elastic potential energypotential energy stored in a rubber band or spring
gravitational potential energypotential energy an object has due to its elevated position
1st law of thermodynamics statesEnergy cannot be created or destroyed (it can change forms)
2nd law of thermodynamicsany time energy changes from one form to another, some of the energy changes into heat
the equation for kinetic enery1/2 Mass X speed squared
acceleration due to gravity9.8 m/sec2
perpetual motiona machine that makes as much energy as it uses
heat energyinternal motion of atoms
mechanical energyenergy associated with motion
chemical energyenergy that is required to bond atoms together
electromagnetic energymoving electric charges that have the ability to do work
nuclear energythe nucleaus, or center of an atom, is the source for this type of energy
heatthe measure of the total kinetic energy of the random motion of atoms and molecules of a substance
temperaturethe measure of the average kinetic energy of the moving atoms and molecules of a substance
thermal expansiona physical change that occurs when the volume of a substance increases as the temperature increases
conductionthe transfer of heat energy from one substance to another by direct contact
conductorsa material that readily allows the transfer of heat or flow of electric current
convectionthe transfer of heat in liquids and gases as groups of molecules move in currents
insulatorsa material that is a poor conductor of heat or electric current
radiationthe transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
calorieunit used to express measurement of heat energy
specific heatrate at which a substance absorbs heat energy
1.00 cal/gCwater's specific heat
"waste heat"heat energy that cannot be used to do work
energy conversionschanges in the forms of energy

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