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Chapter 1 United States and Canada

These games cover climate and vegetation, physical geography and natural resources of Canada and North America.

A huge slow moving sheet of iceglacier
a cold dry region covered with snow for more than half the yeartundra
permanently frozen subsoilpermafrost
a region of flat or rolling land covered with grassesprairie
the silt left by rivers after a flood formsalluvial
One major landform that is found in both the U.S. and Canadathe Rocky Mountains
Why are the Great Lakes important to both the United States and Canada?They are major shipping routes.
How do the huge plains areas in Canada and the U.S. affect the way people live here?The rich soil is good for farming.
The major natural resources of the U.S. are soil, water, timber, farmland andminerals.
The boundary separating rivers flowing toward opposite sides of the continentContinental Divide
watering farmland by artificial methodsirrigation
The landform that lies between the Rockies and the Appalachiansa huge plains area
Why do so few people live on the land covered by the Canadian Shield?The land is too rugged.
Because much of Canada is a long way from the equator, the climate iscold.
Where are the largest oil reserves in North America?along the northern coast of Alaska

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