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Chapter 5 Life Science


allelesthe different forms a gene may have for a trait
hereditythe passing of traits from parents to offspring.
gnenticsthe study of how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles
Gregor Mendelthe father of genetics
Dominantthe allele that covers up or hides another allele
recessivethe allele that is hidden by the dominant allele
punnett squarea handy tool used to predict results in Mendelian genetics
genotypethe genetic makeup of an organism
homozygouswhen both alleles are the same for a trait
heterozygousan organism that has two different alleles for a trait
phenotypethe physical trait that shows as a result of a particular genotype
Incomplete dominancethe production of a phenotype that is intermediate to those of the parents.
polygenic inheritancewhen a group of gene pairs act together to produce a single trait.
sex linked genegene located on the x chromosome
genetic engineeringtechnology for changing a gene
genomeall the genes in a species
multiple allelesmore than two forms of an allele code for a trait.
pedigreeshows the pattern of gene inheritance in a family
carriera person who has one defective allele but does not have the disease
sickle cell anemiarecessive genetic disorder

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