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Cell Guide

Match the organelle to its function.

Cell membraneOuter covering of the cell
MitochondriaEnergy center of the cell
RibosomesSynthesize proteins
Endoplasmic ReticulumIntracellular highway
Golgi ApparatusProcessing, packaging, secreting organ of cell
LysosomesContain enzymes for digestion
FlagellaWhip-like organelle used primarily for movement
NucleusContained in Eukaryotic cells but not Prokaryotic cells
Rough Endoplasmic ReticulumER that is covered with ribosomes
Smooth Endoplasmic ReticulumER that is NOT covered with ribosomes
CytoskeletonSupport mechanism for the cell located in the cytosol
CristaeInner membranes of the mitochondria, increase surface area
CytoplasmArea that contains the organelles
CytosolGelatin-like fluid that bathes organelles
Selectively permeableallowing only some substances to pass into and out of the cell
EukaryotesOrganisms with a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
ProkaryotesOrganism without nucleus or other membrane bound organelles
OrganellesCell component that performs a specific function
Cell wallCovers plant cells lies outside the cell membrane
VacuolesIn plants, store enzymes and metabolic wastes
PlastidsIn plants, surrounded by two membranes and contain DNA
ChloroplastOrganelles in a plant cell in which the energy from sunlight is converted into chemical energy in organic compounds
TissuesOrganized group of cells working together
OrganOrganized group of tissues working together
Organ SystemOrganized goup of organs working together

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