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Scarlet Letter Vocab Part 2

somniferouscausing a deep sleep (english is somniferous)
zenithhighest point
repletefully or abundantly provided for
obviateto anticipate and prevent
propinquitykinship, proximity
banesource of harm or ruin (ms. burgoyne's physignomy is the bane of my existence)
capriciousimpulsive, unpredictable (kathleen is capricious :) )
satiateto satisfy (it would satiate me to not take this quiz)
colloquya high level serious discussion (we don't have any colloquys in english)
trammelsomething impeding activity, progress, or freedom
inuredto accustom to accept something undesirable
mollifiedto appease
vicissitudebeing changeable
irrefragableimpossible to refute (it is irrefragable that english is boring)
etherealizedto regard as delicate, spiritual, or celestial
contumelyhaughy and contemptuous, rudeness
extantstill existing
bedizento adorn or dress gaudily
cabalisticoccult lore
effluencesomething that flows out
verduregreen vegitation, freshness (angela eats a lot of verdure)
animadversionthe act of observing; censure, criticism
apotheosizedthe exalt to the rank of a god (eileen is apotheosized b/c she made all these hot flash cards)
necromancera conjurer, wizard; someone who communicates with the dead
nugatorytrifling, useless, worthless
mountebankquack doctor, an imposter
heterodoxcontrary to established beliefs or opinions

Eileen Gessner

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