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Java Games GWD 03 Colonial America 1587-1770

CharterA document that gives the holder the right to organize settlements in an area.
Joint-stock companyA company in which investors buy stock in the company in return for a share of its future profits.
BurgessesElected representatives to an assembly.
DissentA disagreement with or opposition to an opinion.
PersecuteTo treat someone harshly because of that person's believes or practices.
PuritanProtestants who, during the 1600's, wanted to reform the Anglican Church.
SeparatistProtestants who, during the 1600's wanted to leave the Anglican Church in order to found their own churches.
PilgrimSeparatist who journeyed to the colonies during the 1600's for religious purpose.
Mayflower CompactA formal document written in 1620 that provided law and order ti the Plymouth colony.
TolerationThe acceptance of different beliefs.
PatroonLandowner in the Dutch colonies who ruled like a king over large areas of land.
Proprietary ColonyA colony run by individuals or groups to whom land was granted.
PacifistA person opposed to the use of war or violence to settle disputes.
Indentured ServantA laborer who agreed to work without pay for a certain period of time in exchange for passage to America.
ConstitutionA formal plan of government.
DebtorA person or country that owes money.
Tenant FarmerA farmer who works land owned by another and pays rent either in cash or crops.
MissionA religious settlement.

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