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Language Arts Poetry Terms

This will help you learn and improve
your skills in poetry. While your
having fun maybe you'll learn some
new terms.

similecomparison using like or as
metaphora comparison where one thing is another
personificationgiving human or living qualities to something that's not human
imagea word picture or mental picture of something not present or real
sensory languageappeals to five senses; hearing, smelling,tasting,touching,and seeing
allusionreference or mention of a person or thing with which the reader is presumed to be familiar with
hyperboleextreme exaggeration
repititionrepeats the same line ot phrases, which are either in close proximity or at the end of each stanza
alliterationusing the same sound to begin a series of words
idiomrefers to words,phrases, or patterns of expression
dialectrefers to the words and pronounciation of a particular region or group
slangrefers to very formal and sub-standard vocabulary
jargonrefers to words or phrases developed by a particular group to fit their own needs
paradoxis a device in which an apparent contradiction reveals an unexpected truth
rhythmin speach a combination of vocal speeds, rises and falls,and starts and stops
onomatopoeiablended of constanant and vowel sounds designed to initiateor suggest a situation or action


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